What People Say About Us

  • The consultant Dr returned my call well within the hour I was told. He was reassuring but made an appointment when we came in. My daughter was seen promptly. The practice nurse was great and my daughter was examined and diagnosed very quickly.


  • Easy to make appointments, friendly staff, helpful medical advice.


  • Because people get anxious waiting in a full waiting room and it is difficult when someone whom suffers with mental health issues. Having that appointment reassures the patient and gives them a tiny piece of hope.


  • Reasonably quick service. Friendly nurse and GP. Got treated within a short time. Was better within a few days. Couldn’t get appointment with my own GP for 1 week! Good job.


  • An excellent service that should be the standard model across the UK. Great to be able to access a GP 24/7.


  • I thought the service I received was excellent. I returned from holiday with a badly infected mosquito bite on a Saturday. I was starting a new job working away the following week so could not get to a Doctor during the week. I was seen in the afternoon and started treatment straight away and as a result did not need to miss work or risk my health by not receiving treatment. The telephone consultation was excellent. Brilliant service.


  • My daugher suffers from asthma, when arrived at Bardoc she was seen straight away because of her symptoms. Doctor was very friendly and fantastic at checking her over and explaining things. Efficiency of telephone staff/ nurses and how thoroughly they went through everything. Very concise yet still caring (as much as you can be on the telephone!)


  • On a Sunday - out of hours, it is reassuring to know - as a mother particularly that this service is available.


  • Avoids clogging up A&E - initial triage advice before having to come in is valuable to not waste time of practitioner and patient.